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Rowan is a technical communication specialist with over 20 years of experience of working for software and engineering companies. For over 16 years, she worked for SAP AG in Walldorf, Germany, where she co-defined SAP’s Knowledge Management strategy.


Rowan specialises in advising companies on their documentation and translation strategies. This involves analyzing the current strategy and proposing changes to promote increased efficiency and improved quality of content.


Areas focused on include:

· Standardisation of deliverables

· Appropriateness of content for target audiences

· Legal aspects


She also creates high-quality technical and marketing content and is an expert on quality processes for information management, including editing and testing of technical content.


With the increased internationalisation of companies, Rowan has defined specialised training schedules for non-native-speakers needing to operate efficiently in English within their companies.


Rowan also has many years of experience of technical translation (mainly German to English), in particular in the areas of IT, business, and engineering.


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